car in his own shade

Projectgoal: "Shading of the roof and window area of a pure electric or hybrid vehicle by a photovoltaic-system to produce enough energy for short range driving as well as to prevend heating-up of the vehicle inside in the hot summer time and to reduce the icing of the screens in winter time" The vehicle must be oriented towards sun to ensure best efficiency.

Vehicle in his own shade - A parking lot in the sun is always available in the hot summer time!

Solare Reichweite

80% of the driving range to work is less than 25km by an average use of a vehicle for 36km per day. Depending on the season and the global radiation the roof- and windscreen area is large enought to produce enought electric power to operate the car without charging on the wall box. The size of 44 various hybrid and pure electric vehicle was investigated to estimate the energy earnings over 8h parking time. Depending on the vehicle size and an average consumption of 15kWh over 100km solar power for 25 - 50km can be generated. Using the total size of the car, would calculate to 40 - 100km of solar powered range !

In cold winter time the generation of solar energy is reduced, but the shielding of the wind screen reduces the icing and so the energy consumption of heating to keep the screen clear.

Global warming goal: Zero CO2 Emission and further reduction of emissions because of no transport loss of electric power of the public grid. Further reduced energy consumption for air conditioning in the summer time after parking in the sun of the inside having a temperature of 40degC rather 90degC. The cooling of the vehicle inside air at 70degC to 25degC requires about 0,1 kWh, to cool down the seats about 4kWh. With an efficiency of 4:1 of the air conditioning this calculates into 1kWh electric power and about 7km of driving range.

Calculated over a year, by a global solar radiation of 1100 kWh/m2 and a solar cell efficiency of 20% by a given PV-area of 2,8 m2 a pure solar range of 4100 km can be achieved. Operating the vehicle for 20000 km per year saves about 1/5 of energy costs (20 ct per kWh => 123 ) and the energy was produced locally where it will be consumed.

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