48V Hybrid conversion kit

Projectgoal: "Developement of a 48V conversion kit for a good car in use to grade it up to a Hybrid-Car." The total costs for a pure electric powered car or a Hybrid-car are currently at a level which people are not willing to pay or cannot affort. Most of the daily distance up to 25km could be operated by electric power, for longer distances the combustion engine could still be used. That means a car in good condition could still be operated cheap and with lower CO2 emission for addtional years and in combination with the 48V PV-roof be powered by solar Energy.

Driving the converted Hybrid-car with electric power and use the combustion engine optional, will kick-off the change to a sustainable CO2 neutral mobility.

Hybrid Konzept

In daily use of a conventional powered car only 20% of the fuel energy is used for the movement, the remaining part is thermal and mechanical loss. Slowing down the car is simply burning energy by the use of the brakes. Comparing this with a jug of beer, only the yeast is consumed, the rest is littered. (Each 5 miles a jugful !) In comparison to an electric powered car which needs about 15kWh/100km which calculates to 1.5l of fuel !

The conversion kit has the advantage of accelerating the car by the support of the E-Motor and to recuperate the energy into the battery when using the brakes. This leads into big savings during Stop&Go traffic, and opens the options to operate the car with electirc power only. The converion kit includes the power train, the battery as well as the support for power stearing, air conditioning and brakes.

As there are so many cars in good overall condition in use, it does make sense to convert them to Hybrid and give them a second life. - reuse instead of litter - The high torque at low rpm is a big advantage of the electric powered car.

Primary target market are cars in good overall condition which are mainly used for short distances. (Shopping, drive to work, kids after school program)

Inquiries please to office@rmt.co.at